While some companies struggle just to get started with enterprise AI, others wrestle with advancing strategies they’ve already implemented. milk+honey offers a range of materials and on-site training programs designed to help executive teams and managers align on AI-related understandings, strategies and next steps.

Taming Dragons

Taming Dragons is an on-site engagement designed to help senior leadership teams decode machine learning opportunities and set themselves up for long-term success as data-driven companies. It’s offered in two formats: a 3-hour tutorial and a full-day workshop. Both formats explore, in varying degrees, opportunities to utilize AI technologies and practices in functional areas of your own business.

Published Insights

We frequently update our Insights page with articles covering all aspects of enterprise AI and machine learning. Many of these posts wind up in other publications and inform other educational engagements including webinars, conferences and client presentations.


milk+honey maintains and is evolving a multi-use platform for data science professionals, students, academicians, business leaders and journalists. It’s a place to exchange ideas, explore opportunities, evaluate skills and gain perspective. Currently our community is being built through direct connection with data scientists interested in mapping their skills against real-time marketplace opportunities. Soon we’ll open it to other stakeholders and provide online access through our site. In the meantime, if you’d like to learn more about the community, please contact us directly here.

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