Before any of us can expect to benefit from the full potential of enterprise artificial intelligence, we need to get great people into great companies. Traditional recruiting models are straining to identify and place data science talent, and resumés are an inadequate medium to communicate the extent of a data scientist’s value. milk+honey utilizes its outsized reach into the data science community and practice-specific, project-oriented scoping and screening tools to help progressive companies and data scientists find one another.


milk+honey manages a network of thousands of data scientists through our own community and established social and professional networks. Our peer-to-peer connections generate outreach response rates that are unheard of in traditional recruitment circles, enabling us to accelerate time-to-hire schedules.

Data Science Portfolio

Data scientists use our Portfolio tool to communicate the breadth and depth of their professional and academic experience in ways that are difficult to express in a traditional resumé. Beyond titles and timelines, the tool enables them to capture and contextualize their project work as it relates both to their own professional development and to the requirements of a particular role inside a company.

Requisition Stress Test

With a singular focus on data science, milk+honey is especially well equipped to help companies articulate and coordinate data science roles and responsibilities. Job postings start out stronger and more differentiated, and requisitions are fully leveraged to match up directly against the portfolios of interested data scientists.

Technical & Cultural Fit Assessment

In addition to determining technical qualifications with data-driven scoping, screening and matching tools, milk+honey engages directly with candidates more than once to ensure that soft skills and other important intangibles are present when necessary for success in a given role. Our goal is to cover off on as many aspects as possible, and consider the “whole person” before presenting them to a client.

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