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What information does milk+honey collect? 

milk+honey allows professionals with backgrounds in artificial intelligence, machine learning, and data science to create a profile on the milk+honey website. This allows those users to provide information to milk+honey about what types of work they are interested in. Information that we collect includes: name, email, answers to security questions, your resume, skills, training, education, business domain and data science experience.

milk+honey also collects anonymous usage information on Visitors to its website through use of Google Analytics. Google Analytics may employ third party tracking cookies to gather anonymous browser, operating system, geographic, and website navigation information. 

When you are using the milk+honey website, we may use cookies and web beacons to facilitate the operation of the website and inform us about how users are interacting with the website. 

milk+honey collects and logs the IP address of website visitors, the time and duration of their visits, the time and duration of the pages on milk+honey's website that are viewer and information about a visitors computer system, such as browser type and operating system. 

What does milk+honey do with the information it collects? 

milk+honey then uses this information to connect employers with those professionals. milk+honey shares your technical portfolio with prospective employers who are looking for a professional with experience similar to yours. However, we will only share your portfolio with a prospective employer after we have gotten your approval to do so. 

milk+honey will not sell any information provided by you via the website to any third party for bulk emailing or marketing purposes. 

milk+honey uses the information from Google Analytics and its own internal tracking to learn about, and to compile aggregate information on, how users interact with the website. 

Questions and Requests

If you would like to contact milk+honey regarding the privacy policy or our privacy policies, please email us at

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