milk+honey sees itself as an ambassador to business leaders and data science professionals. Our knowledge of artificial intelligence and business runs deep. Our training in both areas is hands-on, classical and contemporary.

We're excited about the potential for AI technologies to bring phenomenal, revolutionary, positive change to the world writ large, and to business and industry specifically. We want to create and support an environment in which data scientists and business professionals can learn from one another, develop common understandings and goals, and advance both business and the human experience.

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    Beth Partridge

    Founder/CEO/Chief Data Scientist

    Beth brings nearly 30 years of executive-level experience in manufacturing, product engineering, quality control, technical support and operations. Her formal training includes a BS in Electrical Engineering, and a Master of Information and Data Science from UC Berkeley. Beth is that rare executive with a powerhouse combination of natural leadership, deep technical experience and impeccable execution skills. milk+honey is born from her hard-won understanding that success in business now requires a deep commitment to data-driven decision making, and development of a culture of experimentation and innovation at all levels of an organization. She is filled with excitement about the data revolution and the profound transformation that’s upon us.

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    Jeremy Fortes

    Chief Creative Officer

    Jeremy is milk+honey’s creative backbone. His passion for artificial intelligence is outpaced only by his passion for artistic expression. He read Ray Kurzweil’s The Age of Spiritual Machines when it first came out at the end of the last millennium, and it forever altered his approach to design and communication. Between then and now he’s worked on some of the world’s most successful brands, creating compelling verbal and visual content designed to clarify complex, challenging ideas. This experience plays exceptionally well with milk+honey’s clients, many of whom must at some point convey potentially intimidating decisions, plans and data to internal and external stakeholders. There are ways to do this well, and a myriad of ways to botch the job. Jeremy ensures we avoid the latter outcome. He’s also a classically trained musician, and credits those years of practice, discipline and creativity for much of his success in the realm of business communication.

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    Byron Freney

    Chief Strategy Officer

    Byron is a business leader, strategist and original thinker with a knack for finding creative solutions to thorny problems. His greatest contribution to most engagements is his ability to see all sides of a situation, and develop insights that advance initiatives. Byron has worked as an executive and a consultant in sectors ranging from automotive to financial services, packaged goods to publishing, sporting goods to technology. The common threads running through his experience are an unusually centered enthusiasm, an ability to say hard things in constructive ways, and an applied appreciation for the things that unite us in our humanity.

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    Nick Paquin

    Workforce Enablement Director

    Nick leads milk+honey’s data science staffing initiatives, including placement, skills retraining, education and customer relations. Having worked with candidates and clients in a range of positions and industries, he understands the particular nuances involved in placing and developing top data science talent. 

    A new generation of technology and IT professionals is coming up, often through non-traditional channels. Finding, attracting, placing and developing these individuals requires something other than the scattershot approach to professional matchmaking that drives most outsourced recruitment efforts.  

    Nick is augmenting best practices in recruitment and relationship management with milk+honey’s proprietary skills matrix to ensure eligible candidates possess the skills, professional understanding and personality to carry out and complete machine learning projects for our clients. 

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