Taming Dragons

For many companies, simply getting started is one of the hardest things about integrating Enterprise AI. Business leaders struggle to find the right entry point to introduce AI technologies, and get frustrated when the promised benefits of EAI don’t materialize.

Taming Dragons is an in-person consultation designed to help business leaders decode machine learning opportunities, and set themselves up for long-term success using artificial intelligence to better run their businesses. We offer Taming Dragons in two formats: a 3-hour tutorial, and a full-day workshop. Both are designed specifically for senior leadership teams, since defining EAI and utilizing it to create competitive advantage must be understood and communicated from the highest levels of an organization.

3-hour Tutorial

  • 1st hour – Covers the basics of artificial intelligence, machine learning, and their applications in business. We’ll review how automation and analytics have changed with the introduction of big data, and frame up the possibilities available throughout the functional areas of an organization.
  • 2nd hour – We’ll explain the three types of machine learning models used to cover 99 percent of data science and machine learning applications in business, and provide more specific examples of how machine learning works in particular functional areas, processes and tasks.
  • 3rd hour – As a team we’ll select one functional area in your business (i.e., HR, Manufacturing, R&D, Marketing, Sales), map out particular processes and tasks that can be improved or even revolutionized using machine learning technologies, and explore how to staff for this kind of initiative.

1-day Workshop

  • The first three hours of the all-day workshop will follow the outline of the tutorial (above). For the remainder of the day we’ll map machine learning opportunities for several other functional areas, so that by the end of the workshop you’ll be able to see the difference that proper strategic planning will make in your ability to create competitive advantage using Enterprise AI.

Taming Dragons offers a breakthrough approach to AI for business leaders.

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