Workforce Evolution Drives Enterprise Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence demands that humans and machines work together, so an AI-centric company needs a proactive workforce management plan. Employee roles need redefinition, and much of the workforce will need to enhance their skills. A systematic approach to reimagining the workforce is essential to unlocking the promise of human-machine collaboration. The creation of a proactive workforce management plan isn’t the most exciting part of implementing Enterprise AI, but it is vital to success. 


Sourcing Data Science Talent

The media reports that data science talent is in short supply, and that the situation will not improve in the near future. I disagree with this because I believe the bigger problem is that 1) data science roles are often ill-defined and confusing in the Enterprise AI environment, and 2), businesses are relying on outdated and insufficient tools to find the talent they need. I address this issue more specifically here.


Prime for Change

New roles and skills aren’t just for the data scientists. Everyone at all levels of a company is impacted by AI integration. In order to make critical decisions and assess risk, executives need to learn to be mindful of the accuracy and potential bias inherent in ML models. Middle managers need to learn the ML development process in order to manage projects, employees and resources. And end-users need to learn to work with and trust AI. They need to view it as an aid rather than a threat in order to ensure that day-to-day business thrives.


Bringing Employees Along

Forecasts on the overall impact of AI on jobs vary, but most employees are eager to develop new skills that are relevant in the AI economy. A company can capitalize on this motivation and sense of urgency by supporting people in their efforts to increase their skills. While the automation of routine work is likely to disrupt labor markets, EAI will also add new jobs. And not just tech-based jobs! Roles that require creativity and empathy are key to maximizing and sustaining EAI as a core competency. They allow a company to make proactive and transparent investments in redeployment and up-skilling programs that meet both business goals and employee needs.

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