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Nearly 15 percent of employed data scientists spend between five and ten percent of their workweek looking for another job. The community as a whole reports these factors as contributing to an overall disaffection with their work and the companies they work for:

  • Company doesn’t really know what it wants from data science and machine learning (ML).

  • Infrastructure to support data science integration is not in place, or not sufficient.

  • They become a catch-all resource for all-things-data, or even IT, and don’t have time to develop machine learning.

  • They’re isolated from other functional areas, and struggle to make an impact.

From our perspective, all these factors signal the absence of a clear strategic plan for Enterprise AI and machine learning. Even if one exists, it’s not being communicated to the people inside an organization who are responsible for staffing and supporting data science initiatives.

milk+honey is committed to overcoming these obstacles to AI implementation. We’ve created a number of proprietary tools and processes that help organizations clarify business objectives, and identify, attract, train and retain the individuals they need to successfully execute against an Enterprise AI integration plan.

Skills Matrix for data science candidates

  • goes beyond job titles and gets granular on a candidate’s precise data science capabilities, algorithm and business domain experience
  • illuminates skills gaps and corresponding training opportunities aligned with career growth objectives
  • provides tool for clearly communicating capabilities and assessing fit with job openings

Machine Learning Project Staffing template for clients

  • delineates specific tasks during each stage of ML development, and corresponding skills/knowledge/expertise required not just from the data scientists, but also from the business and data/operations

Data Science Network

  • connects data science-trained individuals with one another, potential clients and milk+honey, to explore opportunities for employment and professional growth, and develop insights related to successful Enterprise AI integration

Workforce Planning

  • a consultation service that takes business leaders through the process of developing a strategic plan for Enterprise AI integration, and evolving the workforce to execute against this plan; addresses new data science requirements, up-skilling of executives, managers and end users who will be working with AI, and re-skilling of displaced workers

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