milk+honey offers a full suite of services that can take a company from the earliest stages of opportunity assessment all the way through creation and implementation of a strategic plan. Our services are organized into eight categories. Some of these can overlap as an organization advances toward development of machine learning as a core competency. All can be activated independently to accommodate an individual company’s current state.


Readiness Assessment

  • Develop and prioritize machine learning application opportunities based on feasibility, cost, ROI, visibility and reusability
  • Catalog and evaluate existing data sets
  • Characterize an organization’s cultural readiness for AI adoption
  • Quantify resource needs and potential workforce impacts

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Strategy Development

  • Create enterprise AI adoption plan, including short- and long-term consulting projects, ROI projections, and implementation metrics 
  • Identify appropriate ML models and approaches, and create ML project roadmap
  • Create end-state data system architecture
  • Develop staged transition plan synchronized with ML project roadmap, including data requirements for future projects

Workforce Planning

  • Develop redeployment and reskilling programs for displaced workers
  • Define requirements and build organizational capacity to hire and grow qualified data scientists
  • Create partnerships and programs to meet future workforce needs

Workforce Development

  • Identify data science skill sets necessary for machine learning strategy and
  • Place qualified data science talent to implement strategic plan and specific
    machine learning projects
  • Translate business and project objectives to data science teams

Learn more about our workforce development program.

Stakeholder Engagement

  • Develop and present business case for enterprise AI adoption to internal and external stakeholders
  • Identify and address potential operational and cultural roadblocks to successful implementation
  • Facilitate communication between functional areas that need to collaborate to ensure shared access to requisite data

Change Leadership Support

  • Support development of evergreen and updated content to cultivate a shared vision for enterprise AI adoption
  • Create structures to enable stakeholders to identify and address issues and

Teaching & Training

  • Guide business leaders to seize the promise of enterprise AI, and understand requirements for successful development and implementation
  • Prepare senior managers to manage new business processes and mitigate potential issues related to enterprise AI adoption
  • Educate middle managers on ML development process, project requirements and success factors
  • Train end-users on the use of AI tools and ML outcome validation techniques

Implementation Support

  • Create organizational structure to manage ML project development and cross functional coordination
  • Assist in roll-out of operational, technical and cultural changes required for AI adoption
  • Develop systems to measure progress against targets over time

Our Process

milk+honey utilizes a 4-phased approach to prepare companies to compete effectively and self-sufficiently as AI-enabled organizations.

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