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2. Skills and Tools

Please select each tool or skill that you are proficient with from the categories below. Select ALL that apply.

3. Training & Education

Please select the source for each topic that you have studied below. Include courses taken in traditional formal education as well as bootcamps, certification programs, online and employer-provided training.

4. Business Domain Experience

Please indicate the approximate number of years of experience you have in each of the functional business areas below. Since any business experience is relevant and valuable, include ALL of the years you worked in these functional areas in your professional career regardless of the job you were doing at the time.

5. Data Science Focus History

* At least one Data Science Task History field must be populated to submit your candidate profile.


Objectives &

Design &





Business Tasks

Project ideation:
ID business opportunity and establish ROI goal.

Solution design:
Define business process interation strategy and create deployment plan.

Solution development:
Contribute business knowledge to development process.

Risk assessment:
Conduct risk assessment on solution outcomes and conclusions.

Deployment & training:
Manage deployment and biz process integration.

Metrics & data mining:
Track and report progress against goals and harvest BI.

Machine Learning Tasks

Project scoping:
Scope project and cocndut initial feasibility assessment.

Application design:
Determine approach and design application.

Application development:
Select tools/algorithm and develop application.

Application evaluation:
Analyze effectiveness, accuraccy and bias if applicable.

Application release:
Release application and determine refresh cycle if applicable.

Application evolution:
Mine application for insights and experiment with improvements.

Data & Platform Tasks

Data platform architecture:
ID data systems and create end state data platform architecture.

Data integration plan:
Define data integration strategy and create execution plan.

Data platform development:
Develop, test and maintain data platform.

Data visualization:
Provide data visualizations and reporting.

Application automation:
Set up prodution data flows.

Data governance:
Govern and manage data quality.

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